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Blind & Curtain Cleaning for Hotels

Create a safer and more enjoyable environment for your guests

Guest satisfaction is key to your success as a hotel operator or housekeeping manager. Happy, healthy guests who are treated to a pristine environment within their rooms are not only more likely to return to your hotel or resort in the future, but to also spread the word to others via positive reviews on Trip Advisor, social media sites and via traditional word-of-mouth. There's nothing worse than having your staff provide brilliant service to a guest, only to have the experience tarnished by mouldy curtains or an unhealthy sleeping environment.

Many alcohol-based cleaning that are popularly used to clean rubber-backed curtains and other window furnishings not only damage your furniture, but are ineffective at killing MRSA (Golden Staph), viruses and superbugs, in particular, is known to survive for weeks or longer on dry materials such as curtains and blinds, increasing the opportunity for contagion.

Kleena Blinds and Curtains offers a better solution for cleaning window furnishings, bedding and shower curtains, using a technique known as Ultrasonics. This provides:

  • Cleaning by way of ultrasonic immersion, with a bacteriological report available to prove effectiveness in killing mould spores, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms
  • Millions of tiny bubbles expand and implode (cavitate) around your furnishings, drawing away dirt, residue and other nasty elements in the process

Quick, effective and easy

Reduce labour time and improve the conditions offered to valued guests. Kleena offers:

  • Take down and rehang service for qualifying hotel and accommodation facilities
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of bedding, curtains, rubber-backed curtains and all types of window furnishings
  • All items will are dried and pressed before return
  • 48-72 hour turnaround from collection to delivery
  • Kleena can supply and hang loan curtains for privacy while your curtains are away.
  • Rubber back curtains our speciality.  


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